Suspended Ceilings

We supply and install a diverse range of suspended grid systems utilising lightweight
mineral or glass fibre / plasterboard / polycarbonate / metal panels and even wood
offering various properties

All White?

Choice of colour & finish: 

  • Ceiling panels / tiles come in a limited range of colours including Black, but if
    you need something quite specific to reflect your corporate image or interior
    scheme, it’s possible they could be painted or powder-coated to match the
    individual colour of your choice. (Please check with us if acoustic properties
    and fire rating efficiency can be maintained with your selected product).

Ceiling Linings

We can provide linings directly to the underside of ceiling joists and insulate before
closing in:

where height is a restriction;

  • incorporate recessed lighting;
  • hide services in the void;
  • address fire resistance;
  • deflect or absorb sound.

Ask us to quote for any type of new, or replacement ceiling.

When you are considering the life cycle of new ceiling products,
the manufacturers can advise which are made from recycled materials and if they can be recycled once removed from the installation. We can
work together to meet our shared environmental objectives.